Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert

United StatesmaleLibraReceived between 3 and 5 awards related with Fantasy, Horror and SciFi worksOutstanding novelist

Frank Herbert was a 65 years old (at his death) american novelist, poet best known for the novel Dune published in 1965, the novel Dune Messiah published in 1969 and the novel Children of Dune published in 1976. He was born on Friday, October 08, 1920 (he was Libra) in Tacoma, Washington in the U.S. and died on Tuesday, February 11, 1986 in Madison, Wisconsin in the U.S..

During his impressive career, Frank Herbert has received 4 awards related with SciFi, Horror and Fantasy works as you can see below:

usHugo Award :
- 1966, Best Novel given to Frank Herbert for the novel Dune.

usNebula Award :
- 1965, Best Novel given to Frank Herbert for the novel Dune.

frPrix Tour-Apollo :
- 1978, Laureate given to Frank Herbert for the novel Hellstrom's Hive.

jpSeiun Award :
- 1974, Best Foreign Language Novel of the Year given to Frank Herbert for the novel Dune.

Selected Bibliography related to Fantasy, SciFi & Horror :

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