2012-08-22August 22 2012
Today, the YouTube badge was added to the social bar. This is a small update, but it is worth to note.
2012-08-11August 11 2012
Today, a social bar was added on the right side of the site to replace the social block that was before in the bottom of the right column.
2012-06-11June 11 2012
Today we launch our webzine where you will find articles and interviews related to science fiction, horror and fantasy. Here also our first article, a retrospective on the Hammer Films.
2012-06-02June 02 2012
Since we decided to be present on social networks, our community has gone quite smoothly enlarges. For example, we have surpassed the 1,000 fans on Facebook, 100 subscribers on Youtube and 350 followers on Twitter. This multiplied by 10 or 100 and it would be even better :)
2012-05-05May 05 2012
Today we’ve launched our Zootool profile where we will share some of the best posters and pictures we’ve gathered on our site. But give it some time because now the profile is almost empty.
2012-04-25April 25 2012
Today, we’ve reach 600 likes on our facebook page. Nice, but 1000 would be better ;)
2012-04-20April 20 2012
Today we’ve launched our YouTube channel where we will post some of the trailers that we display in the fact sheets. We also decided to launch our Twitter page to keep you informed about the latest news.
2012-04-19April 19 2012
Today, Fantastique Arts decided to open a blog to keep you informed of the latest updates on our site. The blog will remain simple because its only purpose is to keep a track of the updates, nothing else.

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