Definition of Athena


Athena, in Greek Mythology, is the sovereign goddess of Athens and one of the twelve gods of Olympus. Her birth was miraculous. Indeed, she has no mother and she is the daughter of Zeus. We represent her going out already adult and armed from head to toe, from the head of her father.
Homer makes her the portrait of a ruthless warrior, vindictive and responsive to the offense. Paris, it is true, had not given her the apple of victory! Her father pampers her and gladly entrust his own weapons like lightning. With her armor and shield decorated with the head of the Gorgon Medusa, that Perseus fetched her, she looks great.
Yet she has other talents and we represent her teaching craft to women (weaving). She also invented the flute, although no one has seen her playing. Her most lavish temple is the Pathénon of Athens, where she is worshiped as a virgin, chaste and wise, embodying Reason.
She is also called Pallas. Identified with the Roman goddess Minerva.

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