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The origin of the dragon is lost in the mists of time and is found in diverse cultures. It is described as a giant reptile with keen hearing and eyesight. Some species of dragons have up to seven or twelve heads.
In the European tradition, the dragon generally breathes fire, has claws, a spine bristling with a spikes and scales and tends to symbolize the chaos and evil, while in the Far East, it is usually benefactor and signs fertility, and associated with water and sky.
Among the ancient heroes who confront these monsters, we must mention the Greek Jason who tried to seize the Golden Fleece, guarded by a dragon.
Among the Scandinavians, the saga of Sigurd leads him to a cave that holds a treasure. Here is resting Fafner, who will perish under the blows of Sigurd.
On the island of Britain (now England), a red dragon and white dragon engage battle of all eternity. For now, they are dormant, securely enclosed in a stone box.

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