Definition of Erinyes


The Erinyes, in Greek Mythology, are divinities of the underworld. If the Greek place the Erinyes on earth, where they chase the bad guys to make them atone for their crimes, the Latins, following Virgil, rather put them in hell and call then the Furies. According to the poet, they are three in number: Megaera (Μέγαιρα / Mégaira, "Hate"), Tisiphone (Τισιφόνη / Tisiphone, "Vengeance") and Alecto (Ἀληκτώ / Alekto, "the Destroyer") and severely punish the guilty, but with a deep sense of inexorable justice. In the Aeneid, Alecto fate of the underworld to provoke a war between Trojans and Latins, at the instigation of Juno. She succeeded beyond all expectations.

Media related with Erinyes

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