Definition of Fallen angel

Fallen angel

A fallen angel is in the tradition of Christian, Jewish and Muslim, an angel who rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven.
Apparently, this happened twice that angels were cast out of heaven. The first time when Sataniel (who later became Satan) refused to kneel before Adam (God's creation) and the second time, when the sons of God (the Grigori) chose to come to earth to take wives amongst humans and also teach the divine knowledge, which de facto were forbidden to humans.
The book of Enoch tells us that the Gregori were 200, but only their leaders were mentioned by name:
- Samyaza (Infamous rebellion): The 1st Watcher and is their leader. He taught men enchantments and root-cuttings, botany, herbery and drugs making.
- Arakiel (Earth of God): The 2nd Watcher, he taught men the signs of the earth (geomancy).
- Rameel: The 3rd Watcher.
- Kokabiel (Star of God): The 4th Watcher, he taught men the astrology and fortelling future.
- Tamiel (Perfection of God): The 5th Watcher, he taught men the art of treatment against snake bites and other ailments, including abortion.
- Ramiel (Thunder of God): The 6th Watcher.
- Daniel (God has judged): The 7th Watcher, he taught men the secrets signs of the sun.
- Chazaqiel (Cloud of God): The 8th Watcher, he taught men the knowledge of the clouds (meteorology). He is also known as Êzêqêêl.
- Baraquiel (Lightning of God): The 9th Watcher, he taught men astrology.
- Azazel (Strong of God): The 10th Watcher, he taught men the secrets of war, witchcraft and how to devise ornaments and cosmetics.
- Armaros (Cursed one): The 11th Watcher, he taught men the secrets of resolving enchantments.
- Batariel (Valley of God): The 12th Watcher.
- Bezaliel (Shadow of God): The 13th Watcher.
- Ananiel (Rain of God): The 14th Watcher.
- Zaqiel (Purity of God): The 15th Watcher.
- Shamshiel (Sun of God): The 16th Watcher, he taught men the songs of the sun during the days of Jared.
- Satariel (Side of God): The 17th Watcher, he taught men the secrets to control hidden things.
- Turiel (Rock of God): The 18th Watcher.
- Yomiel (Day of God): The 19th Watcher.
- Sariel (Command of God): The 20th Watcher, he taught men knowledge of the moon (ex: When to plant to optimize growth, eclipses and phases of the moon).
For others, there is no trace of their names.
An interesting fact to highlight is that, according to the Book of Enoch, the twenty leaders of the Grigory are responsible for teaching men their respective knowledge (eg: botany, astrology ...).

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