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Hephaestus, in Greek Mythology, is the god of fire and the forge. He is the first of the gods, the oldest, the fire below, the fire precipitated. When mythology is gaining in precision, He acquires a genealogy and becomes the son of Hera alone, once again angry against her husband and jealous that he could give birth to Athena. The newborn is so ugly that he were cast down from Olympus. He broke his leg by falling on a rock. His claudication makes him suspicious and lonely.
The other gods do not like him much and prefers to live underground. In his youth, he was raised by the nymph Thetis. Later, he married Aglaia and Aphrodite. The ugliest of the gods lived with the most beautiful of the goddesses. Sometimes, there are snags: Hephaestus catches Ares with his wife. He then weaves an invisible metal mesh that is stretched around the two lovers, and then stirs up all the gods of Olympus. The sight of ridiculed lovers cause inextinguishable laughter of the Olympians, although several of them would not be unhappy instead of Ares. One day, he tries to seduce Athena, but without success.
As the first worker of Olympus, several achievements to his credit are: the palace of the gods; Poseidon's trident; the char (or cutting) of the Sun; the throne of Zeus and Hera; the winged helmet of Hermes and his sandals; the arrows of Artemis and Apollo; Aphrodite's belt; the necklace of Harmony; weapons of Heracles and Achilles and other heroes. He also donated to the men of the first woman, Pandora. He works either underground in his forge, or in Olympus, and he makes a cart, to connect the two: it is true that he is walking with crutches. Having overheard a quarrel between Zeus and his mother, he dares to rebuke the ruler of the gods, who throws him on earth again.

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