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Heracles, in Greek Mythology, is a hero who becomes immortal at the end of his life. Heracles (or Herakles), hero and scholar, wins his glory through Hera: that is the meaning of his name. His feast day is the summer solstice and he scored a solar character. His twelve labors have been linked with the zodiac.
From birth, he shows his strength and power. His mother, Alcmene is a model of virtue. One day, however, Zeus seduced her in the guise of her husband Amphitryon. She will give birth to twins, Iphicles (son of Amphitryon) and Heracles (son of Zeus). Once born, he stifles snakes, placed in the crib by Hera, in perpetual conflict with her ​​husband. He has a good education where he learned to handle weapons as well as philosophy. His second brilliant action is to kill, with his club of olive wood, a lion that devours the flocks of Amphitryon and Thespios. This king has fifty daughters who initiate the hero to the joys of love. Later, Heracles marry Megara, but, pursued by the hatred of Hera, in a moment of madness, he kills his wife and children. This becomes a pretext of the twelve labors. Heracles must expiate his fault. King Thespios purifies him and address him to the oracle of Delphi where the priestess enjoined him to put, for twelve years, at the service of his cousin Eurystheus and accept all the ritual combat or magic feats he impose.

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