Definition of K-Horror


K-Horror is the name used for novels, manhwa and horror movies from Korea. Most of the stories include ghosts (귀신 = Gwishin, in korean) and curses but sometimes serial killers or monsters as well. The best exemples are The Host (directed in 1998 by Bong Joon-ho) and The Ring Virus (directed in 2002 by Kim Dong-bin).

Media related with K-Horror

MovieThe cat (2011)
MovieGwishin iyagi (2010)
MovieA Blood Pledge (2009)
MovieThe Guard Post (2008)
MovieAPT (2006)
MovieThe Host (2006)
MovieCello (2005)
MovieVoice (2005)
MovieBunshinsaba (2004)
MovieDead Friend (2004)
MovieFace (2004)
MovieA Tale of Two Sisters (2003)
MovieInto the Mirror (2003)
MovieWishing Stairs (2003)
MoviePhone (2002)
MovieNightmare (2000)
MovieThe Record (2000)
MovieMemento Mori (1999)
MovieThe Ring Virus (1999)
MovieWhispering Corridors (1998)

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