Definition of King Arthur

King Arthur

King Arthur is a legendary king of Britain, historically perhaps a 5th- or 6th-century Romano-British chieftain or general. Stories of his life, the exploits of his knights, and the Round Table of the court at Camelot were developed by Malory, Chrétien de Troyes, and other medieval writers and became the subject of many legends.

Media related with King Arthur

MovieExcalibur (2012)
Television SeriesCamelot (2011)
Animated SeriesTears to Tiara (2009)
Television MovieMerlin (2008)
NovelCamelot's Blood (2007)
NovelCamelot's Sword (2006)
NovelCamelot's Honour (2005)
Comic StripLégendes de la Table Ronde (2005)
NovelCamelot's Shadow (2004)
MovieExcalibur (1981)

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