Definition of Kodoku


In Japan, the Kodoku (蠱毒, worm toxin) is black magic making use of poisons. This technique is derived from the Chinese Gu magic. To create kodoku, the sorcerer would have to place several insects in a jar and let them kill one another until the last. The surviving insect's fluids are then used to poison an individual with a curse to control them, harm them, or kill them. The remaining insect can also be used as a kind of lucky charm granting great wealth to the one who performed the ritual. In return, the owner is supposed to feed the insect. Failure to do so would enrage the insect who would devour him unless the latter equivalently repays it by placing all his wealth along a road, plus, interest in gold and silver. This same ritual can also be used as a deadly curse by giving the ill-gotten wealth to the victim of his choice. The term kodoku can also be applied to the spirit which is the incarnation of this black magic (which usually appears in the form of a worm or other animal).

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