Definition of Lilliputian


Lilliputian, in fantasy, is the name given to a being of human appearance but not exceeding 15 centimeters high. The name was created by Jonathan Swift for the needs of his novel entitled Gulliver's Travels where the Liliputiens are the inhabitants of Liliput, an imaginary country that Gulliver is brought to visit.
Even if the name wasn't used after in other works, the concept of little being have been used two more times in the 20th century with The borrowers, written by Mary Norton in 1952, which is the first of a series of 5 books, and The Littles, written by John Peterson in 1967 which is the first of a very long series of books. Those two works were the main source of inspiration for Luc Besson who wrote in 2002 Arthur and the Invisibles, the first chapter of a tetralogy of books that he will adapt into a trilogy of films a few years later.

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