Definition of Loki


Loki, in scandinavian mythology, is the most wicked of Aesir.
Nicknamed "the critic of the gods", Loki shows to be handsome, inventive and mostly bad. He appears as the genius of air and fire, but also of evil, chaos and dissatisfaction. At one level, he appears as a magician, saboteur and is known to betray his fellow at the end of time (Ragnarök).
From his wife, Sygn, he has a son, Nare. But he also mated with the giantess Angerboda, whom he had three children, all the more monstrous than the others. This is the wolf Fenris, the serpent Jordmungand and Hel, the goddess of the underworld. The Aesir are afraid of these creatures and have them removed.
Loki also appears cruel toward Balder and will be the cause of his death. He leads the hand of Hödur to hit Balder with a mistletoe stem. Then, when the mother of the gods will claim her son, Loke disguised as an old giantess who refuses to weep Balder.
Loki deserves his punishment. He is tied to a rock with the intestines of his son and, above him, a snake is hanging from which the venom is dripping on him. His wife tries to help by collecting the poison into a cup, but when she must empty it, Loki suffers abominably.

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