Definition of Metal Hero

Metal Hero

A Metal Hero Series is a kind of Tokusatsu (live-action film or television drama) really popular in Japan and little known outside its border. The heroes of such series are generally spacemen or policemen who are typically androids, cyborgs, or humans that bear metallic armors (e.g. the Space Sheriff trilogy, the Rescue Police trilogy...) and fights against evils. The Metal Heroes always have a giant robot to pilot in their equipment list.

Media related with Metal Hero

MovieKamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space She… (2013)
MovieSpace Sheriff Gavan: The Movie (2012)
OVTMajin Kishi Jack Geist (2001)
Television SeriesJikuu Senshi Spielban (1986)
Television SeriesKyojuu Tokusou Juspion (1985)
MoviePursuit! The Strange Kidnappers! (1984)
MovieSpace Cop Shaider: The Movie (1984)
Television SeriesSpace Sheriff Shaider (1984)
Television SeriesSpace Sheriff Sharivan (1983)
Television SeriesSpace Sheriff Gavan (1982)

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