Definition of Nephthys


Nephthys, in Egyptian mythology, is the sister of IsisIsis and the wife of Seth.
According to legend, the two couples twins Isis and Osiris, Nephthys and Seth are in the fourth generation of the gods, the one that has a direct impact on human life and civilization arises. All are children of Heaven and Earth. Nephthys is sister and wife of Seth. By accident, she has an incestuous relationship with Osiris and gave birth to Anubis Perhaps this explains why Seth hates his brother so much. When Isis revives her husband Osiris, she attended her sister. Its role is to play the mourners.
Nephthys is the feminine passive and negative. She corrupts to give life. Her tears cause the putrefaction of the corpse. Thus, it appears as the complement but also the opposite of Isis.

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