Definition of Odin


Odin (also Woden or Wotan), in scandinavian mythology, is the supreme god and creator, god of victory and the dead. He is also the father of Thor.
The Cow Odhumla emerges Bure from the snow: this is the first of the gods. He is followed by Boerr, who married Betsla. From their union were born Odin, Vile and Ve. Among the first actions of Odin, we must mention the episode where he calls to life the first human couple, Ask and Embla, and when he separates the earth and heaven.
Odin soon gained sovereignty. His one eye shining like the sun and frightened. It draws its strength from the ruse. As companions, he had two ravens Hugin, thought, and Munin, memory, but also two wolves, Gere and Freke.
His official wife is named Frigg. But in fact he has three wives, like the triple moon: Iord (Gunnlöð), the uninhabited land, Frigg, the cultivated land and Rindr, the winter land and frost.
Itself has three functions. It is the first ruler of the Aesir and the master of the universe. The name of Odin was also compared with that role. It appears then warrior-god, protector of heroes: half the warriors killed in battle belongs to him and he leads them to Valhalla where they feast with him for eternity. Finally, it has a reputation as a magician: he invented the runes sacred poetry and the sciences.

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