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Poseidon, in Greek Mythology, is the god of the deep sea, earthquakes and horses. For the Greeks of the Mycenaean times, the pantheon is reduced to three gods and a goddess. Posedao is opposed to Zeus, the god of the night sky and Cronus, the god-sun. It therefore appears as the shaker of the earth, in the world of bellow. In the classical period, Poseidon acquires its own identity, though one hesitates to say whether he represents stability or, conversely, the shaker of the earth.
For Plato, the origin of its name is already problematic. Is Polleidon, He who knows everything or Poteidon, The Master of the Earth? No doubt he already appears as god of mutations and Master of Water. He likes the ambivalence and, if he has a sumptuous palace in the depths of the sea, he parades usually at the top of Olympus.
He fought alongside Zeus, against the Giants and Titans, and thus earns a portion of the world: the undersea domain. Frequently, he quarreled with the other gods to rule a city. Of his love affair with Halia, he will have six son and a daughter, Rhode. He kills his six sons, after they had violated their mother.
Then he married the nereid Amphitrite, who will gives him a son, Triton. But he has countless love affairs outside his marriage, like other gods. He seduces Gaia, his grandmother, who gave birth to the terrible giant Antaeus, Demeter meanwhile, tries to escape in the guise of a mare. He immediately becomes a stallion, and from this union is born Areion, the wild horse. Still transformed into a stallion, he abuses Medusa (who will give birth years later of Pegasus and Chrysaor), in the temple of Athena.
God of the calm seas, he is shown riding on the wave, in a golden chariot and carrying the trident. But his mood swings cause storms, tidal waves and floods. He donated the horse to man. His attributes are the bull, the dolphin and the horse and his Roman equivalent is Neptune.

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