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Post-apocalyptic (aka Post-apocalyptic fiction or Doomsday) is a sub-genre of science fiction that put emphasis on what happens after a global disaster such as a nuclear war, plague or natural disaster. The story may take place immediately after the event or later. The main subject is often the struggle of humankind to begin a new social order in a world of total chaos where anarchy reigns. Some good examples to give are: Mad Max in 1979, directed by George Miller, 12 Monkeys in 1996, directed by Terry Gilliam or Equilibrium in 2002, directed by Kurt Wimmer.
In 1954, Richard Matheson introduced with his novel I Am Legend the concept of humanity wiped out by a pandemic. In his story, a virus similar to vampirism had decimated the planet and the main character, Robert Neville, one of the few people immunized, struggles for survival and finding a cure for this disease. In this masterpiece, two variants of post-apocalyptic fiction were born, the Vampire Apocalypse (eg: Daybreakers in 2010, directed by Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig), rare, and the Zombie Apocalypse (eg: 28 days later in 2003, directed by Danny Boyle), more widespread.

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