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Ra in Egyptian mythology is the Sun God and Creator.
Egyptians live in terror of cycles, the cycle of the nourishing Nile, cycle of the regenerative Sun, the cycle of the Pharaoh-god. Every evening, the sun dies on the west. Will he be reborn the next day? Does the light will overcome the darkness? In Nun, the primordial ocean, the sun comes to life and he returned each evening.
The god of Heliopolis was an anecdotal and a more metaphysical. He sometimes has difficulty with other deities, especially in his great age. In the guise of a lioness, the goddess Hathor exterminate the human race and Ra, to stop the killing, creates an intoxicating juice color of blood, and offered it to her : She then, forgets her mission.
By cheating, Isis steals his secret name. She creates a snake with the saliva of the god. Ra is bitten by the snake and suffering a thousand deaths, he prefers to reveal his true name, giving power to the young goddess.
Ra is at the origin of everything, so, he is One, and then he also belongs to the triad and the Ennead of Heliopolis. The starting triad includes Atum (the evening sun) - Ra (the sun at noon) - Khepri (the morning sun). Ra, the creator, is represented by a falcon surmounted by the solar disk and uraeus (snake).
As for the Ennead, it includes the three gods in one (the triad) Ra - Atum - Khepri and the three generations of couples who followed, or Shou and Tefnou and Geb and Nut and finally, Isis, Osiris, Seth and Nephthys.
Ra is the sun rising every day, always the same and yet different. Here is referred to the daily cycle. Ra appears as master of the sky, he is the day and illuminates the universe. He has two eyes, which are the sun and the moon. Ra or Re must be compared with "ra", the mouth, the door, the opening, with "reh" the dualizing fire and with "ren", the name of the deceased.

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