Definition of Sabbat


The Sabbath is an assembly of demons and witches engaged in nocturnal orgies. The Sabbath usually takes place at an intersection or in some wild and lonely place with a lake, pond or marsh nearby, to bring thunders and hail storms. The nights of the regular convening of the Sabbath are those from Wednesday to Thursday and Friday to Saturday. Sometimes it may be at high noon, but this is uncommon. Sorcerers and witches bear a mark tattooed by the devil himself, between the buttocks or in some other secret place, this mark, by a movement that their cause, warning them of the time of joining. In case of emergency, the devil sends a sheep that appear only visible by witches to gather all his disciples in an instant ...
The Demonomaniacs claim that Orpheus was the founder of the Sabbath and the first witches who gathered in this way are called Orpheotelests but the real source of the thousand impertinent stories that have been made on the Sabbath arose in the bacchanalia where we relied Baccus crying Sabo! Moreover, Bacchus was called also, according to some, by the name of Sabasius!

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