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Salem is a city on the Atlantic coast of the United States, Massachusetts, the scene in the late seventeenth century a mass hysteria which led to a terrible witch hunt. Dozens of victims were accused of witchcraft and, upon withdrawal, were condemned to the stake. This period of American history has inspired numerous books, historical or fiction, among which are: Salem Witchcraft by Charles Wemtworth, The Devil in Massachusetts by Marion Lena Starkey, Salem by Stephen King, and especially the play wrote by Arthur Miller: The Crucible, subtle parallel between the real witch hunt of Salem and the hysteria of anti-communism that raged in the U.S. at the time of McCarthyism.
Please note, some films based in Salem: The Crucible by Raymond Rouleau, 1956 (film adaptation of the play of the same name), City of the Dead by John L. Moxey in 1960 and Salem's Lot (Salem's Children) by Larry Cohen in 1987.
Note: Salem is the birthplace of wrote it "Nathaniel Hawthorne", one of whose ancestors was part of the inquisitors at the material time!

Media related with Salem

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