Definition of Steampunk


Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction where the story takes place during the nineteenth century (often during the Victorian era) and involves machines that were technically not yet invented (or never been invented yet now) . This genre is strongly inspired by the works of HG Wells, Jules Verne, Mark Twain and Mary Shelley, but for them, we can not include them in the steampunk, for the simple reason that when they were written, these works were science fiction. The steampunk merely recreate this type of narrative.

Media related with Steampunk

Animated SeriesKabaneri of the Iron Fortress (2016)
Animated MovieThe Empire of Corpses (2015)
Television SeriesDracula (2013)
NovelThe Empire of Corpses (2012)
NovelLeviathan (2009)
Television SeriesRiese: Kingdom Falling (2009)
Animated MovieSteamboy (2004)
Animated MovieAtlantis, The Lost Empire (2001)
MovieWild Wild West (1999)
MangaSteam Detectives (1994)
Animated SeriesNadia: The Secret of Blue Water (1990)
NovelInfernal Devices (1987)
Animated MovieLaputa: Castle in the Sky (1986)
Animated SeriesSherlock Hound (1984)
NovelMorlock Night (1979)

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