Definition of Super Sentai

Super Sentai

A Super Sentai Series is a kind of Tokusatsu (live-action film or television drama) really popular in Japan and little known outside its border. It is a blend terms made from Super Robot and Sentai which means fighting squadron. It is generally the story of a team of minimum 3 members who are fighting against an alien invasion to protect the Earth. Unlike the Metal heroes who are wearing metalic armors, the super sentai prefer to wear tight tights with flashy colors (e.g. Gorenger) but also sometime some pieces of armors to complete their gear (e.g. Tomica Hero).

Media related with Super Sentai

Television SeriesPower Rangers Samurai (2011)
Television SeriesTomica Hero: Rescue Fire (2009)
Television SeriesTomica Hero: Rescue Force (2008)
MovieTomica Hero Rescue Force: The Movie (2008)
Television SeriesPower Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000)
Television SeriesMighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993)

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