Definition of Thor


Thor, in Norse mythology, is one of the most powerful gods. It is associated with thunder, weather, agriculture and home.
Thor was born of the union of Odin and Jord (Jörð). He is distinguished by prodigious strength and does not hesitate to compete with the Giants. His chariot is pulled by two goats. He has three magic items: a hammer that makes him infallible, a pair of gloves to lift it and a belt that allows him to double his strength. No wise man is able to list his achievements. This god of the storm proves unrelenting against the Giants, but with caring for men.
One episode portrayed him perfectly. When he woke up, Thor no longer find his hammer. His anger is so terrible that his beard trembled. Loki, disguised as a bird learns that the giant Thrymr has stolen the hammer and he will give it back only in exchange of Freya that he wants to marry. Freya choking with rage and her collar leapt on her breast. Heimdall, the white god, had the idea of "covering Thor with the linen of the bride". Thrymr does not notice the substitution, though the bride is very greedy. He gives her the hammer as a wedding gift. Immediately, Thor kills him, before knocking the whole race of giants.

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