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The undead is one of the favorite themes of the new dark fantasy film Gore that appeared in the early 80s. In fact, if the vampire as the undead attack humans, it is better still, to fall "under the fangs" of a vampire than in the hands of an undead. In fact, a vampire is happy (in common with the aristocratic Dracula) to suck the blood of his victims, while an undead devour them outright! ...
Many gory productions featuring the undead have been made in recent years, but the first (which was a landmark) is 2 000 Maniacs by Herschell Gordon Lewis in 1964, Invasion of the Living Dead by John Gilling in 1965 , The Night of the Living Dead by George Romero (a classic!) in 1968, The Undead by Bob Clark in 1972, Shock Waves by Ken Wiederhorn living in 1975, Zombie by George Romero in 1978, Zombie Lake by J. Rollin in 1980 and Attack of the Living Dead by Claude Milliken in 1987.
For about almost a decade, the genre was a little scrapping, but after the success of the game Resident Evil by Capcom, the genre has regained its glory. To date, it has been 4 times adapted for the screen with varying degrees of success, but the genre has really exploded with 28 days later by Danny Boyle and then 28 weeks later by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

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