Definition of Underworld


The Underworld, in Greek Mythology (also known under the name of hell) is ruled by Hades. The souls of the dead are first judged by the the three judges in the Underworld before finishing for eternity, according to the sentence, into the Elysian Fields, the Asphodel Fields, or The great pit of Tartarus.
The kingdom has five rivers that separate Hades from the earthly world: the Acheron and Cocytus, then the Phlegethon or river of fire, the Styx, guardian of the irrevocable oaths on which the gods sworn and finally the Lethe flowing waters of the oblivion.
The Hades has not a very precise location. According to the Iliad, it is an underground world. In the Odyssey, the path leading there begins at the edge of the world and goes beyond the ocean. More generally, the deep caverns are said to be the entrances into hell. The Tartarus and Erebus divide it, Tartarus is the prison of the son of Earth and Erebus, the place through which the shadows pass at the time of death. Several mortals descend into Hades and return alive: Orpheus, Heracles, Aeneas, Odysseus ...

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