Definition of Werewolf


A Werewolf (aka Lycanthrope) is a creature, half man, half-wolf who is transformed under the light of the full moon. Most often, in the popular tradition, the one becomes a werewolf after a curse. The hallmark of men able to become a werewolf for the Romanian peasants was their hair color: red! But this feature was also applicable to vampires, often similar, yet the major difference lies in the fact that a man with lycanthropy is a living, while the vampire is a dead man who comes back to life. The theme of the werewolf has inspired many novels, especially The unwelcome by Claude Seignolle or Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King, but above all the cinema has exploited the theme, making it one of the myths more representative of the fantastic on the screen such as the franchise of Underworld and Twilight to name a few.

Media related with Werewolf

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