Definition of Yggdrasil


Yggdrasil, in Norse mythology, is a wonderful ash, the World Tree upon which the nine kingdoms are. Every day, the gods gather under the shade of evergreen Yggdrasil, from the fountain of Urd. Three of its roots deep within the earth, one in Aesir (or gods), the second in Hrimthursars (or giant), the third in Nifhem (dwarves). These are the bad guys, and they stay, after death, is a frozen desert.
A snake eats the roots of the tree, another lives in his antlers. Two deer graze leaves and foliage extend over the entire universe.

The nine kingdoms sheltered by the World Tree are:
- Midgard, the realm of men.
- Asgard, realm of the Aesir and Asynes.
- Nibelheim, realm of the dead.
- Niflheim, the ice kingdom.
- Muspellheim, kingdom of fire.
- Jotunheim, the realm of giants.
- Alfheim, elf kingdom of light.
- Svartalfheim, dark elf kingdom (dökkalfars).
- Vanaheim, the Vanir kingdom.

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