Definition of Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie apocalypse is a subgenre of science fiction when humanity is about to disappear due to an epidemic that resurrects the dead to life and transforms anybody bitten by one of them into a zombie himself. The survivors have no choice but to fight recluse away from zombies in a world without laws, and where food is scarce.
This subgenre can also overlaps with the genres of horror and gore.

Media related with Zombie Apocalypse

Television SeriesFear the Walking Dead (2015)
MovieI am legend 2 (2013)
Short StoryWaiting Room: A Return Man Short Story (2013)
Short StoryBorder Crossing: A Return Man Short Story (2012)
Animated MovieResident Evil: Damnation (2012)
MovieResident Evil : Retribution (2012)
NovelThe Return Man (2012)
Movie28 Months Later (2011)
MovieHelldriver (2011)
WebseriesResident Evil: First Hour (2011)
MovieResident Evil : Afterlife (2010)
MovieThe Horde (2010)
Television MovieThe Walking Dead (2010)
Direct-to-videoEdges of Darkness (2009)
MovieSurvival of the Dead (2009)
MovieZombieland (2009)
Direct-to-videoDay of the Dead (2008)
MovieDiary of the Dead (2008)
MovieOneChanbara (2008)
Short MovieParis by Night of the Living Dead (2008)
Animated MovieResident Evil : Degeneration (2008)
Comic Book28 Days Later: The Aftermath (2007)
Movie28 weeks later (2007)
MovieI Am Legend (2007)
Direct-to-videoI Am Omega (2007)
MovieResident Evil : Extinction (2007)
MovieNight of the Living Dead 3D (2006)
Direct-to-videoDay of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005)
MovieLand of the Dead (2005)
MovieDawn of the Dead (2004)
MovieResident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
NovelResident Evil: Zero Hour (2004)
MovieShaun of the Dead (2004)
Movie28 days later (2003)
Comic BookThe Walking Dead (2003)
MovieResident Evil (2002)
NovelResident Evil: Code Veronica (2001)
Animated Short MovieBiohazard 4D-Executer (2000)
NovelResident Evil: Nemesis (2000)
NovelResident Evil: City of the Dead (1999)
NovelResident Evil: Underworld (1999)
NovelResident Evil: Caliban Cove (1998)
NovelResident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy (1998)
MovieNight of the Living Dead (1990)
MovieDay of the Dead (1985)
MovieDawn of the Dead (1978)
MovieNight of the Living Dead (1968)

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