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no photoAbalam
photo0website0Abalam is one of the King of Hell.

no photoAbred
photo0website0The Celtic cross, with its branches overlapping concentric circles, illustrates a world view. On the vibration, it behaves like a maze. But commentators have sometimes divergent mink. From outside to inside, it w…

no photoAcheron
photo0website0Acheron, in Greek Mythology, is one of the five rivers in the underworld, over which Charon ferried the souls of the dead.

photo1website0Achilles, in Greek Mythology, is a demigod, a hero of the Trojan War. His mother was the Nereid Thetis and his father Peleus, a mortal. At birth, Thetis bathes him in the river Styx to make him invulnerable, but …

photo1website0Adamantium is an indestructible metal used in various sci-fi works but also in the Marvel Universe.

photo1website0Aeacus in Greek Mythology is the son of Zeus and the nymph Aegina, and half-brother of Minos and Rhadamanthus, who, as a ruler and one of the three judges in the Underworld, was renowned for his wisdom and his pa…

photo1website0Aeolus, in Greek Mythology is the god of wind. He is according to sources, the son of Zeus or Poseidon. Aeolus is the supreme ruler of the Lipari Islands. As he wishes, he imprisons or frees the winds, personifie…

photo1website0Agenor (Ἀγήνωρ), is in Greek Mythology and in history, a Phoenician king of Tyre born in Memphis, Egypt. He was the son of the god Poseidon and Libya, the daughter of Epaphus, King of Egypt. He is also the…

no photoAhriman
photo0website0Ahriman is the evil spirit in the doctrine of Zoroastrianism, the opponent of Ahura Mazda.

no photoAhura-Mazda
photo0website1Ahura Mazda, in Iranian mythology is the supreme God in the Achaemenid era whose name means "Wise Asura". God of Heaven in the Indo-European lineage. Zoroaster elevated to divinity unique, as opposed to the demo…

no photoAlagaësia
photo0website0Alagaësia is a fictional world created by Christopher Paolini, which is the setting for his Inheritance Cycle where evolves dragon riders, elves, orcs and other creatures.

photo1website0The alchemy is an occult science mostly known for its utopian quest for the realization of the philosopher's stone. A stone that would allow the transmutation of base metals such as the lead into noble metals suc…

Alien AbductionAlien Abduction
photo7website2Alien Abduction is a term used to describe people who claim to have been abducted by aliens and have suffered multiple tests both physical and psychological. These persons are called "abductees or" experiencers …

Alien InvasionAlien Invasion
photo21website0Definition of Alien Invasion, but also books, videos and web sites to illustrate it.

Alien MonsterAlien Monster
photo12website1A alien monster is a creature from outer space or moving on a planet other than ours. It usually hunt small prey, such as humans, when they are at hand.

photo27website0An alien, in science fiction, is a being from outer space. It is often bipedal and evolved, but can sometimes be humanoid in appearance and speak our language.

Alive paintingAlive painting
photo1website0Alive painting is a pictorial work in which a spirit or a soul is trapped. This one can usually influence its immediate surroundings in a diabolical or beneficial way as appropriate.

photo1website0Amazons is the name given to the members of a legendary race of female warriors believed by the ancient Greeks to exist in Scythia (near the Black Sea in modern Russia) or elsewhere on the edge of the known world…

photo2website0AMPD (Attacked Mystification Police Department), in the manga Silent Möbius created by Kia Asamiya is a police unit fighting against the "Lucifer Hawk", an extra-dimensional race that has passed through a portal…

no photoAmphibian plane
photo0website0Definition of Amphibian plane, but also books, videos and web sites to illustrate it.

Ancient astronautsAncient astronauts
photo3website0The Ancient astronauts would be, as say some Ufologists and Theosophists, aliens that would have come to Earth several thousands of years ago. Their coming would have provoked to these people with a limited IQ, t…

photo1website0Ancitif is a demon that would apparently took possession of the body of Sister Barbara of St. Michael in 1647 at the Louviers convent, in Normandy.

photo18website1An Android is in science fiction a robot with a human appearance. Even if the term is used for both the models designed to look like male and female, the term Gynoid is also used to refer to the female models. I…

photo3website0Andromeda in Greek Mythology is an Ethiopian princess whose mother Cassiopeia boasted that she herself (or, in some stories, her daughter) was more beautiful than the Nereids. In revenge, Poseidon sent a sea mo…

Angel of DeathAngel of Death
photo1website0The Angel of Death is a Memitim (a type of angel from biblical lore associated with the mediation over the lives of the dying). Even though in Christianity and Judaism the Angel of Death isn't named, in the Qura…

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