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photo1website0Naboo is a fictional planet which is one of the key locations in the Star Wars movies as well many comic books. It is the home planet of Padmé Amidala and Jar Jar Binks, as well as Senator (later Chancellor and …

photo1website0Naga, in Indian mythology is a member of a semidivine race, part human and part cobra in form, associated with water and sometimes with mystical initiation.

photo1website0A Naiad, in Greek Mythology, is a water nymph who lives in fresh water, especially rivers, springs and fountains. Naiads are daughters of the God Oceanus.

no photoNanopunk
photo0website0Nanopunk is a literary and film genre that describes the world where the use of biotechnology is restricted or prohibited, while nanotechnology is widely used. The genre is similar to the biopunk and the two genr…

photo1website1Nanotechnology is the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.

no photoNative American mythology
photo0website0Definition of Native American mythology, but also books, videos and web sites to illustrate it.

photo2website0Nautilus is name of the fictitious submarine in Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.

photo9website0Definition of Nazi, but also books, videos and web sites to illustrate it.

photo1website0Necromancy is a magical ceremony of consulting the souls of the dead to divine the future. Those who practice necromancy are called necromancer, a term which in the Middle Ages was transformed into a wizard. Necr…


photo1website0A nemeton is a sacred place in Celtic religion. It is usually located in a natural space such as a forest or grove, because it is often a sacred tree. However, nemeton may as well evolve in a different environmen…

photo3website0The Nephilim are beings who appear in the Hebrew Bible, specifically mentioned in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Numbers. They are also mentioned in other biblical texts and in some non-canonical Jewish writ…

no photoNephthys
photo0website0Nephthys, in Egyptian mythology, is the sister of IsisIsis and the wife of Seth. According to legend, the two couples twins Isis and Osiris, Nephthys and Seth are in the fourth generation of the gods, the one th…

photo2website0NERV is a fictional special paramilitary force which is fighting against angels with giant Evangelion bio-machines. Those Evas are synchronized to the nervous systems of their pilots. It was created by Hideaki An…

no photoNibelungen
photo0website0Nibelungen (singular: Nibelung) in Germanic Mythology are members of a Scandinavian race of dwarfs, owners of a hoard of gold and magic treasures, who were ruled by Nibelung, King of Nibelheim (land of mist). OR…

photo11website0A Nightmare is a frightening or unpleasant dream that often seems really realistic.

photo14website1A Ninja is a person skilled in Ninjistu. The word Ninja means in japanese Spy because originally, ninjas were mercenaries trained to infiltrate enemy lines to gather informations or kill high profiles targets aga…

Noah's arkNoah's ark
photo5website0Noah's ark is the ship in which Noah, his family, and the animals were saved from the Flood, according to the biblical account (Genesis 6-8). But in science-fiction, it can refer as well to any vehicles or shelte…

Norse mythologyNorse mythology
photo1website0Definition of Norse mythology, but also books, videos and web sites to illustrate it.

no photoNymph
photo0website0A nymph, in Greek Mythology, is a goddess of nature. They are lesser deities, charged to watch over humanity and nature. Living in the woods, springs, caves and mountains, they protect the young. They bring fert…

no photoNyx
photo0website0Nyx, in Greek mythology, is a goddess of the early days of creation. Let's talk Aristophanes: "The black-winged Night (Nyx) laid an egg born of the wind, in the bosom of the dark and deep Erebus." She herself s…

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