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Retrospective of Universal Studios

Jun. 18 20120 Comment

Universal Studios is an American company producing films created in 1912 under the name Universal Manufacturing Corporation. It was managed by the producer Carl Laemmle, who came from Germany in 1909, settled in Chicago where he bought his first movie theater. Highly influenced by German Expressionist cinema, he decided with his executive producer Irving Thalberg to produce few films and to start, the duo called…

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Retrospective of Hammer Films

Jun. 11 20120 Comment

Hammer Films is a film company specializing in horror and fantasy. In 1913, Enrique Carreras buys his first cinema in London, and gradually create a real chain. In 1935, he teamed with Will Hammer, a theater professional who started a small film production company: Exclusive Movies. The war put brackets on their production company that will restart in 1947 with two additional partners: James Carreras, the son of…

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