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Numerology in a few words

Sep. 29 20120 Comment

The numbers were significant wherever reigned civilization, religion, arts and science (the Old Testament provides, for example, the precise dimensions of Noah’s Ark and various parts of the Temple of Solomon). They were used for calculation, construction, and for mystical pratices. Numerology is the study of the esoteric meaning of numbers and all that can be converted into numbers, especially birth dates and…

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Ogham Writing

Sep. 15 20120 Comment

In Celtic civilization, the value of writing is denied as a vehicle of transmission of traditional knowledge. In fact, it is only used for divination and magic, which is why there is no ancient Celtic texts revealing the philosophy of the bards and druids who fascinated Julius Caesar. However, the Celts spread civilization far ahead of their time in the social and cultural fields. It was the victim of Roman,…

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