The starting point of the Hatchet franchise is the movie of the same name directed by Adam Green in 2006. The franchise consists of 3 movies as well as various marchandising.

During the 11 years since the first movie, the franchise has received 4 awards from various ceremonies and festivals throughout the world as you can see below:

caFant-Asia Film Festival :
- 2007, Best European/North - South American Film given to Adam Green for the movie Hatchet.

usFantastic Fest :
- 2006, Audience Award 1st Place for the movie Hatchet.
- 2006, Best Actor given to Kane Hodder for the movie Hatchet.
- 2006, Best Special Effects for the movie Hatchet.

Media related with Hatchet

MovieHatchet 3 (2013)
MovieHatchet 2 (2010)
MovieHatchet (2006)

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