Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya

The starting point of the Saint Seiya franchise is the manga of the same name created by Masami Kurumada in 1986. The franchise consists of 6 animated movies, 2 animated series, 4 oavs, 1 television series, 8 mangas as well as various marchandising.

During the 31 years since the first manga, the franchise has received 2 awards from various ceremonies and festivals throughout the world as you can see below:

jpAnime Grand Prix :
- 1987, 1st Position for the animated series Saint Seiya.
- 1988, 2nd Position for the animated series Saint Seiya.

Media related with Saint Seiya

Television SeriesSaint Seiya: Soul of Gold (2015)
Animated MovieLegend of Sanctuary (2014)
MangaSaint Seiya Episode.G: Assassin (2014)
MangaSaint Seiya: Saintia Shō (2013)
Animated SeriesSaint Seiya Omega (2012)
MangaSaint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Chronicles (2011)
OAVSaint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (2009)
MangaEpisode.G Zero: Aiolos Gaiden (2008)
OAVHades - Chapter Elysion (2008)
MangaSaint Seiya: Next Dimension (2006)
MangaSaint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (2006)
OAVHades - Chapter Inferno (2005)
Animated MovieHeaven Chapter - Overture (2004)
OAVHades - Chapter Sanctuary (2002)
MangaSaint Seiya Episode.G (2002)
Animated MovieSaint Seiya: Warriors of the Final Holy … (1989)
Animated MovieSaint Seiya: Legend of Crimson Youth (1988)
Animated MovieSaint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods (1988)
Animated MovieSaint Seiya: Evil Goddess Eris (1987)
MangaSaint Seiya (1986)
Animated SeriesSaint Seiya (1986)

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