The starting point of the Ultraman franchise is the television series Ultra Q created by in 1966. The franchise consists of 3 movies, 4 television series, 1 manhua as well as various marchandising.

During the 51 years since the first television series, the franchise has received only 1 award from various ceremonies and festivals throughout the world as you can see below:

jpSeiun Award :
- 1998, Best Media of the Year for the television series Ultraman Tiga.

Media related with Ultraman

Television SeriesProject Ultraman (2007)
ManhuaUltraman Tiga (2004)
Television SeriesUltraman Tiga (1996)
Movie11 Ultraman vs. Hanuman (1984)
MovieJumborg Ace & Giant (1974)
MovieThe 6 Ultra Brothers vs. the Monster Army (1974)
Television SeriesUltra Q (1966)
Television SeriesUltraman (1966)

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